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Packing Supplies

Below is a list of some of the packing supplies we have available on site for our customers.


Volume in Feet Dimension Use
Picture box 37x40x4 (2pcs) Large pictures
File box 10x12x15 Files
1.5 16x13x13 Books, files
3.0 18x18x16 Toys, clothes
4.5 24x18x18 Lamps, souvenirs
6.0 20x24x23 Blankets, quilts
Wardrobe 20x24x48 Closet, shoes
Tape, Locks, rope   Seals boxes, lock up units

Plastic Bags/Packing Supplies

Size Dimension Use
Drop cloth 9’x12 Floor, cover
Mattress bags twin, full, queen, king Protects mattress
Picture Pouch 30″x 48″ 2 bags Bags clothes, mower
Bubble Wrap 25′ Protect plates, nick knacksā€¦
Packing paper 10 lbs Glasses, vases
Paper Padding 6′ x 6′ 2 pads Replaces moving blankets